Coffee Shop Mobile Ordering


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Coffee drinkers make up a broad market, but one thing they have in common (other than enjoying coffee!), is that they embrace the use of technology at their fingertips - including coffee ordering apps.

As a coffee shop owner, it’s highly likely that you have Wi-Fi, so imagine the possibilities if your menu, along with mobile ordering and payment options, was to pop up every time your customers’ devices connected.

Wi-Q’s revolutionary mobile ordering technology, is just this. Customers can browse the menu, place their order and request or pay a bill – avoiding the queue and encouraging more purchases. It also gives your coffee shop menu greater visibility, allowing customers more time to read the variety of ingredients without the pressure of those waiting in line, therefore increasing interest in higher-priced speciality coffee.

As a cloud-based mobile ordering solution, there is no need to download an app, sign up or log in, however, customers do have the option to create their own account so their menu preferences and payment details can be remembered; a useful function for your regular customers.

Wi-Q can be implemented with little or no capital expenditure. It has a simple, attractive interface that can adopt your brand image and be integrated with your existing café EPoS system, website or app.

coffee shop mobile orderingRED EYE COFFEE ROASTERS - GALWAY, IRELAND

Galway-based coffee house, Red Eye Coffee Roasters was the first venue in Ireland to offer customers the ability to order and pay on their mobile devices with Wi-Q. The service allows busy office workers to order outside and inside the venue, saving them precious time and also allowing the popular cafe to negate one of its revenue-capping bottlenecks.

"The feedback from staff and customers has been excellent, and as well as the reduced waiting times, the figures speak for themselves." - Co-Founder and Director, Steve Delaney

Read the full case study here. 

coffee shop mobile orderingNIBSY'S COFFEE SHOP - READING, ENGLAND

Nibsy's Coffee Shop customers value their gluten-free produce, fresh coffee and speedy Wi-Fi. wi-Q's online ordering menu pops up as soon as a customer logs on to the Wi-Fi and allows customers to filter the menu according to any dietary or allergen requirements. It was the perfect solution for a popular coffee shop in the heart of Reading.