Fast Food Restaurant Mobile Ordering


Mobile Ordering For Fast Food & QSRs

With fast and efficient service at the forefront of your business, how do you make your menu more accessible to customers without burdening them with another mobile ordering app?

wi-Q is your mobile ordering solution.


Accessed via Wi-Fi or any mobile connection - rather than a restaurant ordering app competing for storage space - wi-Q is a cloud-based service that can be accessed by your customers using the internet browser on any mobile-enabled device

Whether customers are on their lunch break, taking a rest from the road or part of a ‘half way point’ business meeting, they can conveniently select from the easy to update menu, place their order, make further purchases and request a bill or pay for their order, all from the comfort of their seat and without the need to sign up or log in.

Revolutionising mobile ordering technology, wi-Q offers a fully branded online ordering system for restaurants to compete in today’s increasingly accommodating fast food market. It can be implemented FREE with wi-Q Lite  or as an enterprise solution with little or no capital expenditure and integrated with your restaurant EPoS system, website or current fast food app as an opportunity to extend existing functionality.

For more information, see how it works and take a look at the list of features.

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