Hotel Mobile Ordering

hotel mobile orderingMobile ordering for hotels

Mobile ordering for hotels is an extremely undervalued and under exploited revenue channel within hospitality. Our own and external research has shown that guests - and millennials in particular - want to view, order and pay for hotel guest services from their own device. To meet this growing demand, Wi-Q have introduced Mi-Room; the first cloud-based mobile ordering solution designed specifically for hotel guest services.

As a hotel business owner, Mi-Room offers you the opportunity to boost your revenue and improve customer service by making the offerings of your restaurant, bar or room service accessible to your guests via their mobile devices as soon as they arrive.

Unlike restrictive hotel apps, which rely on customers downloading, registering and using up their mobile storage space, Mi-Room’s cloud-based mobile ordering system for hotels is simply accessed via Wi-Fi.

One of the first things hotel guests want once they have checked-in to their room is access to Wi-Fi. With Mi-Room, this connection will give them immediate access to browse menu choices, place orders, request room service, book spa treatments or other hotel services you wish to upsell as well as pay using any mobile device or laptop. It also improves communication with international guests, enabling language-specific menus.

Whether your guests are in their room, the hotel lobby or relaxing by an outdoor pool, as long as their device has access to your internet connection, they can enjoy the luxury of your hotel mobile ordering and payment service at their fingertips.

Mi-Room’s mobile ordering technology has been specifically designed to support the natural evolution of the hospitality sector. It is the only solution on the market that offers complete integration to every venue, from point-of-sale to payment. The software, which has a simple and attractive interface that can be tailored to your brand, can also be integrated with your hotel’s website, EPoS or app to extend existing functionality. Additional features include interactive menus for food and beverages, guest services, spa services and external services, with multiple language options, allergy and nutritional information and multiple choice of payment options; all accessed via an interface that can be fully tailored to your brand.

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