How It Works

Your app-free mobile ordering solution

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1. What type of mobile ordering do you want?

The three options are: 'pre-order', 'in-venue table / seat order' and 'in-venue pre-order.' This will depend on your venue.

2. Delivery or collection?

The delivery of the solution varies according to the location in which it is deployed. wi-Q can faciliate multiple delivery zones and/or point customers to a collection point.

3. How will your customers connect?

With no app to download, your customers connect instantly, just like a traditional website via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. However, access to the solution can be limited. For example, in-venue ordering is most suited to SSID (Wi-Fi) access, whereas pre-ordering can only work via a URL / 3G / 4G access.

4. Integrations and Payments

With you, wi-Q decides what the solution needs to integrate, be it EPOS or PMS. The payment options you want for your customers is then decided. The 5 methods of payment available include: Cash, Credit / Debit Card, Internet Providers, Charge to Mobile and Charge to Room. You can have any combination of these payment methods.

5. Languages

wi-Q can be translated into over 22 different languages - including Arabic and Chinese. International markets are transient users and optimum customer engagement is often determined by local language availability. Therefore, it is recommended that the language pack be considered. Like the different payment methods, you can have any combination of the available languages.

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brand customised mobile ordering


Once we have agreed the above, wi-Q either downloads your menu from your EPOS / PMS or it is uploaded manually. Products and services can include: pictures, nutritional information, allergens, modifiers, extras and the option for customers to add notes. Customers can filter this menu by dietary requirements such as Vegetarian or Gluten Free.


Once your menu is uploaded, the wi-Q user-interface is customised using your provided logos, colours and images. The end result? A fully brand-customised, web-based mobile ordering solution.

8. Training

We have invested in award-winning training resources, and our staff training can be delivered alongside existing training programs. We can deliver train-the-trainer, management team or individual training as required, remotely, or in-venue.

9. Marketing

We know from experience that engaging with your customers at every opportunity boosts usage and associated revenue. Every venue is different, and we aim to support your particular needs, either in the supply of ideas and inspiration, print ready artwork, or full supply, print and delivery to your venues. Our marketing team can also supply press releases, social media posts, e-shots and blogs for you to adapt to your audience.


10. wi-Q Technologies: your long-term technology partner

As one of wi-Q Technologies' customers, you will receive on-going support from the team, helping you maximise customer satisfaction and revenue. In addition, you also become part of a long-term technology partnership. The demand for convenience and thus technology is going to accelerate over the coming years as the younger generations reach maturity. Through our primary research, our partners and our customers, we analyse the potential of emerging technologies. Any that we collectively deem beneficial, we map out and build into our cloud-based platform. This allows you to integrate new technologies into your operations without having to commit large amounts of capital for research and development. For example, we are currently testing conversational commerce. This will allow consumers to speak their order to their own mobile device.