How It Works

it takes just 4 easy steps...

wi-q connect

1. Connect

Your customers can connect to Wi-Q using their own internet-enabled mobile device (phone, tablet, laptop) either inside or outside of your venue, giving them immediate access to your products and services. Wi-Q is a cloud-based service, so there are no separate apps to download or passwords to be remembered in order to connect. Customers are also given the option to create their own account so that details such as favourite items and payment details can be remembered.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Low-cost customer engagement tool
  • Leverage revenue from your Wi-Fi pipe
  • Opportunity to deliver a more personalised service

wi-q order

2. Order

Wi-Q places your menu in your customers’ hands. They can browse, make their choices and complete their order all from the convenience of their own device. Allergy and nutritional details can be displayed and different menus can be shown based on the time, e.g. Breakfast Menu, Happy Hour. You can also alert your customer to special promotions, highlight specific menu items to upsell, convert languages and use ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ technology.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Increased upsell opportunities, including promotional offers
  • Promotion of all services in one place (e.g. menu items, products, events)
  • Integration of a customer engagement tool with your existing functions, including EPoS system

wi-q pay

3. Pay

Wi-Q allows your customers to choose how and when they pay, e.g. at the time of ordering or just before they leave. You can also give them the option to request a bill, split their bill and add tips. As Wi-Q is not a payment proposition in itself, it invites multiple payment partners to provide their services to your customers through its customer portal and thus it will support any payment method e.g. Debit/Credit card, Paypal, AliPay, ApplePay, Cash etc. It can also be integrated with existing payment gateways or EPoS systems.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Integrates your business with multiple payment providers
  • Customers have more control over their payment options
  • Frees up your staff to provide a more efficient service

wi-q F&B receive

4. Receive

Wi-Q supports all types of order fulfillment, be it table service, a dedicated collection point for pre-orders or collection and delivery of takeaways. Giving your customers more control over their ordering experience also enables a more personalised service. For example, your customer may wish to order a coffee after letting their dessert go down. Instead of having to wait for a member of staff to pass by at the right moment, they can place an order through Wi-Q to receive it when they want.

What are the benefits to you?

  • Improved level of customer service
  • Improved efficiency of services and staff
  • Improved reputation