Mobile Ordering Statistics



wi-Q is proof that customers will order more and more often when they have instant ordering and payment capabilities. Venues typically experience:

30% increase in average order value

15% increase in the number of orders

wi-Q average order and incremental order value

Conversion rates:

wi-Q experiences world-leading conversion rates. The conversion rates from a 4-month period at one wi-Q venue, highlight how quickly customers adopt the technology:

September 2017: 22%

October 2017: 36%

November 2017: 45%

December 2017: 49.86%

Mobile ordering conversion rates




Support for multiple languages: 

wi-Q's ability to translate your menu into multiple languages - including Chinese and Arabic - means an international customer is almost twice as likely to order via wi-Q than a domestic customer. wi-Q is the perfect tool for improving service for customers from overseas. 

Mobile ordering with multiple languages




Repeat customers:

Once a customer has placed an order with wi-Q there is a 69% chance they will place another when they return, indicating that customers actually enjoy the technology. 

Repeat customers on mobile ordering

Any-device ordering

On our pre-order solution, one wi-Q venue experiences almost 70% of its orders from desktops and laptops, highlighting a demand for app-free mobile ordering. 

Mobile ordering on desktops and laptops