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The 20/20 vision of a restauranteur

There is something about the turn of a new decade that makes New Year’s resolutions even more powerful. You find yourself thinking beyond the next year, defining goals that will determine your future.

The 20/20 vision of a restauranteur


There is something about the turn of a new decade that makes New Year’s resolutions even more powerful. You find yourself thinking beyond the next year, defining goals that will determine your future.

To that end (or should we say beginning), what better time for those in the food service industry to focus on a clear, sharp, 20/20 vision? Let’s see what this could look like and how we can help…


Enhanced and personalised customer experience

Know what your customer wants before they even do. You may not be a mind-reader, but digital technology, like wi-Q’s cloud-based mobile ordering solution, allows customers to save personal preferences, keeps track of their order history, prioritises their favourite menu choices and upsells items that complement their selections. As a multi-lingual platform, you can ensure you communicate in your customers’ language and prioritise options, such as payment types, based on cultural preferences.


Technology that interacts and integrates

Let’s cast our minds back to the turn of the millennium and the Y2K bug, when the tech industry feared computers would stop working on December 31st, 1999 – the world couldn’t have been more wrong. Since this time, technology has thrived and is the central driver to the decisions we make and what we have come to expect. Who would have thought even a decade ago that your restaurant service would revolve around digital technology? (Well, we did – which is why we have invested in the developing the world’s most capable mobile ordering platform, so it’s all ready to integrate with your business and existing systems)!


An efficient workforce, with resources to support them to do their job well

No doubt your staff are your greatest asset, but are you giving them all the tools they need to do their job efficiently and provide the best service to your customers? wi-Q’s digital ordering platform enables your staff to work from a simple to use management dashboard, which facilitates real-time updates. Even when front of house staff are busy serving, customers feel like they are being tended to through the digital ordering platform, which offers a multitude of benefits, including ingredients lists and language options, taking the pressure off of your staff.

Sky News recently reported on ten tech predictions for the decade ahead, with the statement that AI will augment, not replace humans. It is argued that augmented intelligence, where humans and machines exploit each other’s strengths, is likely to become an increasingly common way of working. Imagine the possibilities for your hospitality business…


Bigger bill averages

Don’t leave upselling to chance. With wi-Q’s digital ordering platform, your restaurant can benefit from an interactive menu that makes upselling suggestions based on your customers’ order choices – think side orders, drinks, promotional offers, specials or extra toppings. Know the food cost percentage for each of your menu items? You could be onto a winner by applying an upselling strategy to promote the items that bring the most revenue into your hospitality business. Ultimately, it’s convenient for your customers and your bottom line.


An improved ROI on your marketing through intelligent data

Through a digital ordering platform such as wi-Q, you can capture customer data for an invaluable insight into each individual customer’s preferences and ordering patterns. This not only personalises your service but increases sales and encourages incremental spend through effective target marketing and upselling. Know what time of day to send push notifications, gain insights on purchasing habits based on demographics and offer rewards based on the customer’s personal preferences – understanding your customers will give you a competitive edge.


More customers – new and loyal

We realise this goal is no doubt at the top of your list, and we’re certain you can smash it through all of the above to improve efficiency for your team and add competitive value for your customers. Understanding your customers’ individual preferences has proven to encourage customer loyalty, and by utilising up to the minute ordering technology, like wi-Q, you can be sure you are meeting the needs of the millennial market. After all, millennials now make up nearly a third of restaurants’ annual revenue, and if they’re not looking to order food electronically at the venue, they’re seeking out restaurants that enable food and drink ordering before arrival.

For more information on wi-Q or to find out how we can help you stay competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of guest-facing technology, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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