wi-Q Connect

wi-Q Connect is a market-driven order management solution that integrates all your online orders to your existing POS or our delivery management app. Restaurants and hotels choose wi-Q connect to speed up order management, preparation and delivery.

A smart and intuitive order management system

The delivery integration solution to manage all your orders from a vast variety of vendors such as Deliveroo.

Increase your food & beverage revenue, reduce order mistakes and speed up order preparation with wi-Q's award-winning order management platform.

How wi-Q Connect helps your venue

Real-time Dashboard management of online orders

Stock Management_

Streamline your business operation

Manage your delivery partners, live stock and orders from one place to create a streamlined, smooth operation.

Order Up

Increase order revenue & profit

Our mobile ordering technology encourages increased spend per customer and related products can displayed on the order summary.

Scalable Solutions Icon

Boost efficiency

Eliminate the waiting and reduce the risk of order errors by getting your customers to order themselves.


Manage your Live Stock more effectively & efficiently

Stock management for non-integrated systems


Manage your Live Orders

Easily view and manage your live order status and manage your stock without any integrations.

Very Happy

Improve customer satisfaction

With orders directly syncing to your POS, there’s no more human error involved in the online order process, providing your customers a smooth and delightfully easy experience.

The Caterer 2021-2

wi-Q Connect Wins The Caterer Innovation Technology Award 2021

The Caterer Supplier Awards honours the manufacturers, suppliers and producers of the most creative and innovative food, drink and equipment products that have kept and will continue to keep hospitality alive.

Online order management your way

The key benefits of using wi-Q Dash as your preferred real-life order management system and mobile ordering solution. 





Intuitive interface

wi-Q Connect's interface is intuitive and easy to use - you won't waste time with having to learn yet another system to use.




Cloud Upload


Manage all your sales channels in one place

We aggregate all your existing online and third-party sales channels (Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Careem and many more) so you can spend more time on running your business. 




Order Up-1


Connect your POS and PMS without a need of a third party software

wi-Q Connect natively integrates with all major Point of Sales systems and Payment gateways, without a third party software, making the solution highly scalable.




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Business insights & reporting

Know your business like never before thanks to wi-Q Connect. With our data analytics and reporting functions you can gain insights on order and customer trends and act upon them. 






Access & permission levels

wi-Q Connect incorporates a secure, tiered access permission system to help you allocate tasks within your team






Easy menu & product management

Add, edit and delete products and product modifiers in real-time from your management dashboard.






Operational Efficiency

We streamline your order and business flow to improve your operational efficiency, which means better service and more profit from existing and new customers.  





Take control of your process

Accept, delete or update orders - have a full control over your order, preparation and delivery process. 



The customer journey

How wi-Q Dash works for your customers


Step 1

Connect with your POS

Utilising an intuitive, simple interface wi-Q Connect has been developed to make setting up and maintaining an integration as simple as possible. 

Step 2

Manage Incoming Orders

Accept and decline orders and get alerted to new orders in the wi-Q Connect interface. 

Step 3

Sync orders to the kitchen

All orders get pushed to the kitchen so your with order details displayed simply and clearly making it simple to view and fulfil orders. 

Step 4

Get orders to your customers

Completed and cancelled orders will be visible in the ‘Connect Live Orders’ page for a 24-hour period before being archived for the start of a new business day.

Key Product Features

Find out more about our award-winning mobile ordering and live-order management platform. 

  • Order Processing

  • New Order Management

  • Live Stock Management

  • Dynamic Menu Management

  • Order Management Flow

iPad Order Control

Live Order Management

Managing the flow of orders using wi-Q Connect

Delivery Partner​s - The delivery partner is clearly displayed on the orders simplifying the pick-up process where multiple delivery integrations are used.

Order State - The orders state can be changed by wi-Q Connect as it progresses through the kitchens processes.

Order Details - Order details are displayed simply and clearly making it simple to view and fulfil orders.

Delivery Instructions -Where applicable the orders delivery instructions are clearly displayed.

Live orders mobile-1

Live Order Management

Easily view and manage your live order status

Accept/Reject Order - View product order details with a simple tap.

Order Details - Search and filter orders making it locate orders for confirming details and the like.

Search & Filter - Update the order status by  and automatically email your customer to let them know their order is ready.

Order Status - Select a maximum number of orders per order interval/slot

New Order Alerts - New unprocessed orders are grouped together in a separate tab, making it easy to see at a glance when new orders enter the system.

Ipad Stock Management

Live stock management for non-integrated systems

Stock Management - Simple stock navigation with the ability to filter active products by menu and section.

Stock Navigation - Clean crisp UI for stock navigation with simple numeric input for stock level control.

Product Search -Product search facility for faster product filtering for large menus. 

Stock Control - Automatic stock reduction on confirmed purchases.



menus - wi-Q Dash_Laptop

Dynamic Menu Features

wi-Q DASH has a dynamic and intuitive menu building user interface

Menu Image Support - Both main menus and sub menus support optional featured image.

Menu Descriptions - Add additional descriptions to tempt customers.

Product Search - Find items easily with our comprehensive product search.

Scheduled Menus - Menus can be enabled or disabled in real time from the management dashboard. For example, breakfast menu or happy hour.


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Your Questions Answered

What type of businesses wi-Q Connect is most suitable for?

wi-Q Connect is an order management solution and a bridge between multiple Delivery Partners and a venues POS, or PMS system. It best suits venues who manage online orders via multiple ordering platforms such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats. It also works really well for venues who have their own POS and PMS systems. 

Can I manage my stock and live orders in wi-Q Connect

Absolutely - live order and stock management is a key features of wi-Q Connect.  You can easily view and manage your live order status without having to integrate to any other software. 

Can you integrate with my payment providers?

wi-Q Connect supports a wide range of payment methods such as card, PayPal, charge to room and a host of payment gateways.

What features can I brand and customise?

You can customise almost anything including;

  • User Interface
  • Language
  • Menus
  • Dietary Information and Options
  • Images
  • Nutritional Information
  • Product Types And Options
  • Promotions & Offers
  • Team access & reporting

You can also add your brand logo and brand colours to the platform to provide a seamless and enjoyable customer journey. 

Is wi-Q Connect Secure?

Picture 1

NSCS Cyber Essentials - wi-Q are certified under the NCSC Cyber Essentials certification for following best practices in Cyber Security.

Picture 2

IASME Governance - wi-Q are certified under IASME Governance for all policies, procedures and processes that wi-Q undertake.

Picture 4

PCI DSS (SAQ-D) Certified - wi-Q are certified as a Level 2 Service Provider (SAQ-D) by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

Picture 5

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - wi-Q are certified under IASME Governance for protection of data under the latest GDPR rules and regulations.