NCSC Cyber Essentials

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre offers a framework built around 14 Cloud Security Principles. These expansive principles apply to organisations in the UK’s public sector and include important considerations such as:

  • Data in transit protection
  • Asset protection and resilience
  • Separation between users
  • Governance framework
  • Operational security
  • Personnel security
  • Secure development
  • Supply chain security
  • Secure user management
  • Identity and authentication
  • External interface protection
  • Secure service administration
  • Audit information for users
  • Secure use of the service

More information Cyber Security can be found here.

wi-Q undergo a third-party quarterly internal and external vulnerability audit and a third-party annual assessment for Cyber Essentials by an approved certification body.

wi-Q have obtained the following certifications for Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus: