Dog-Friendly Dining Experiences by Pet-Fi

Reporting on the best dog-friendly venues worldwide, Pet-Fi has been developed by animal-loving experts, to offer its community exceptional experiences.

Image Credits: Taken by A. Four for Pet-Fi at Cliveden House

Paws for Thought with Dog-friendly Dining Experiences

Sharing and reporting on the best dog-friendly venues worldwide, Pet-Fi has been developed by a select group of animal-loving experts, offering its community exceptional experiences for you and your four-legged-friend, from travel and design, to care and welfare. Whether you’re stopping for a night in central London or a couple of days away in the countryside, there’s sure to be something for every owner and every faithful friend – because it’s not a holiday if they can’t come too, right?

However, even in the most accommodating establishments, dogs are commonly allowed everywhere except in the main restaurant. But this doesn’t have to disrupt your dining plans as venues often allow owners to order and eat from the same main menu just from a different location should they wish to dine with their canine companion.

In an outdoor area, where it is often more difficult for hospitality staff to spot and recognise demand for refreshments, wi-Q Technologies mobile ordering solution, wi-Q gives customers more control over their own experience. Allowing customers to impulsively order and pay, without having to wait for service, minimising disruption to their conversation, book, entertainment (or puppy!)

At a venue equipped with wi-Q

When you’ve arrived early for your pre-walk meet up, without having to wait for a servers’ attention, customers can connect instantly via their Internet browser, select from the menu and place their order. And when it’s time for ‘walkies’ you can simply request the bill or settle-up directly from your mobile.

wi-Q allows guests to browse the food and beverage offerings via their own device and order at the click of a button. Instead of having to download an app, guests can instantly access wi-Q via any Internet browser in their preferred language, e.g. English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc (unfortunately, we haven’t got around to translating ‘barks & howls’ yet). Users can order from the entire menu and pay via cash, card or charge it to their room. Additional functions allow guests to ‘Call a Waiter’, track the progress of their order and provide dietary requirements to the restaurant team (should you or your ‘best friend’ have any).

Instant Access

wi-Q is a cloud-based service that can be accessed instantly from your customers’ mobile device. wi-Q puts the ordering and payment capability in your customers’ hand with a simple, attractive interface, that can be tailored to your brand and has the functionality and flexibility to evolve alongside your business. It can also be integrated with any existing website, EPOS or app you may already have affording you the opportunity to extend and improve upon existing functionality. With no app to download, customers just connect, order and pay using any Internet enabled device.

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