wi-Q Kiosk

wi-Q Kiosk is the kiosk solution of wi-Q - the leading mobile order and order management solution for the hospitality industry.

A smart Kiosk ordering experience


Kiosks are ideal for QSR environments and provide a self-service solution which will deliver increased average spend per head and operational efficiencies to your business.

By combining the best software and hardware solutions this complete Self-service system is a standalone product designed to support high order frequency of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs). Reduce Staff costs and increase profits with this intelligent and fully tailored solution.

Benefits for You

How using wi-Q Kiosk can make a difference for your business. 

Order Confirmed Kiosk

Kiosk Mode

wi-Q’s kiosk mode has dedicated features to optimise the user experience.

Order Up

Product Grid View

The product grid feature is ideally suited to kiosk mode.

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No Need To Log In

By default the user login is disabled in kiosk mode.


Reduce Queue Time

Kiosks are guaranteed to reduce customer wait times during your peak times and self-serve frees up your staff to fulfil orders quicker too.


Accurate Orders

Kiosks provide increased order accuracy as customers make their own choices and are guided through add-ons and changes to their order.


Increase Spend

Our slick Kiosk UI/UX delivers average spend increases by allowing the customer to make the choice themselves.

Benefits for your Customers

How Kiosk can help your customers


Your Customers prefer it

Customers actually want to order at a kiosk and would prefer to do this as opposed to ordering at a counter, our tech allows you to offer this.

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Quicker To Order

Customers prefer spending as little time as possible queuing and ordering and a kiosk solution can help speed up the order time.

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They can pick & choose

The kiosk solution has your menu at your customers' fingertips to browse, select and customise as they choose.


Dietary & Allergens Info

Customers can filter and sort by allergen so they can easily access the products they want to see.

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The customer journey

How wi-Q Kiosk works for your customers


Step 1

Open Menu On Kiosk

No app or QR code download required, just simply open up the menu on the kiosk. 

Step 2

Select Menu Items

Simple to navigate digital menu with images and offers to increase spend per head

Step 3

Pay For Order

Checkout and pay securely through our payment system. 

Step 4

Get Confirmation

Get a branded confirmation email from the venue. 

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Get a live demo arranged to see how our platform can help your business. 

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