How to set your mobile ordering project up for success

To ensure optimal uptake on your mobile ordering project, implement these five key strategies.

Even though digital ordering was set to be a game-changer in the hospitality industry, pre- covid, it’s no secret that brands flocked to mobile order and payment in response to the pandemic. From February to April 2020, there was a 169% increase in the number of restaurants using online ordering, paired with an 840% increase in weekly sales via online ordering. Remarkably, orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps became a $38 billion industry in 2020.

Since then, online consumer needs have driven innovation and inspired venues to adapt their offering both online and offline. QSRs have been modifying their store infrastructure to address increases in volume and desire for contactless interactions. Shake Shack is adding drive-through lanes dedicated to delivery or digital orders, and Starbucks is expanding plans for mobile pickup cafes.

While not every brand can make such radical changes, it’s important to revaluate your ecosystem to best accommodate any digital changes. Remember, your mobile ordering investment is not just a quick-fix solution; it’s here to stay!

There is no doubt that there are huge benefits to mobile ordering on both sides of the table, both now and in the post-Covid world. – Michelin starred chef and F&B Business consultant, John Wood

Whether you already have mobile ordering set- up or you are yet to support a mobile-first environment, there is the potential to miss out some critical steps in your project rollout amongst the chaos surrounding the hospitality industry. However, to ensure optimal uptake in your venue, it is essential to make a plan of attack.

Firstly ask yourself:

  • What do you want to gain from mobile ordering?
  • How am I going to make this happen?
  • What do my customers want?


With these goals in mind, set your venue up for success with these top tips:

1) Choose the right technology partner that can help you achieve your goals

To make the most of your mobile ordering project, focus on the long-term view. Work with a partner that not only gets you online quickly but can provide you with the tools to innovate, diversify your offering and, of course, heighten your revenue.

Contrary to popular opinion, mobile apps are not always favoured by customers due to the time it takes to download and set up. Instead, look into web-based platforms. They are much sticker, cheaper and easier to implement.

Accessed via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or by scanning a QR code, customers can access a fully branded menu in 4 keystrokes – no apps, no sign-up!


2) Get your staff on board

Your staff are the face of your business. With customers often sceptical about using new ordering technology, having them champion it can influence its overall usage. Creating a culture of excitement and reassurance will allow your investment to get the staff-backing it deserves.

By incorporating online ordering into their work routine, your team can leave the monotonous tasks to the software and concentrate on providing great food and a great experience.

3) Take the time for training

Organise staff training sessions. Take their feedback and welcome their questions. Creating a positive problem-solving attitude through training sessions can boost energy and productivity!

4) Implement a marketing strategy

Just like any new product or venue launch, you need to shout about it. Create content for social channels and make sure your customers are aware of the changes online and instore. The creation of videos, posters, table talkers and customer mailers are all worth considering.

5) Keep an eye on the data

To learn about your customers, you need to look at the data. What are they ordering, at what times and from where? This gives you the tools to enhance your online customer experience and increase average order value through personalised promotions and upsell opportunities.

Mobile order in cafe


Tailored to your brand, wi-Q’s cloud-based mobile ordering platform provides a safe and simple way for your customers to browse your menu, order and pay from their own mobile device. The fixed fee Saas model guarantees no transaction charges and ensures a rapid return on investment thanks to upselling capabilities and a 30% increase in average F&B order values.

See the DEMO and find out more about how it works or get in touch to see how wi-Q can be customised for your business.


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