Is your restaurant fully mobile ordering-ready?

Patience Tucker, wi-Q's Global Sales Director, explains the importance of thinking beyond Covid-19 and investing in a robust order and pay solution.

Patience Tucker, our Global Sales Director here at wi-Q, explains the importance of thinking beyond Covid-19 recovery and investing in a robust contactless order and pay solution, including staff training and marketing to fully reap the benefits and meet long-term consumer demand.

“We are working in 22 countries and seeing the incredible challenges the pandemic has wrought globally,” says Patience. 

“We want to help hospitality businesses hit the ground running and be customer-ready as fast as possible, but it’s important not to compromise on the guest experience. What the pandemic has given us is widespread adoption of digital guest technology, but competition will be fierce and it’s important to deliver a well-planned solution.”

Making the transition to digital

“Simply transferring a menu to a digital platform isn’t enough,” explains Patience. “Present menus and services in a way that will personalise and improve your customers’ journey. Use every channel you have to shout about your solution both online and offline and make sure your staff champion your new digital ordering process, especially if the physical customer journey has changed, for instance with collection points.

“Look at how well McDonalds transitioned to digital. It made sure customers were informed, signposted and reminded at every touch point, with additional incentives for mobile ordering. wi-Q has been in the mobile ordering market for years, working with some of the world’s leading brands, so we have great experience to share with our clients.” 

Mobile ordering has always been part of the plan

This year, McKinsey reported that the Covid-19 pandemic has moved technology forward by as much as five years. Mobile devices have become a means of communication, buying and selling, and hygiene control; all of which will be expected from the hospitality industry.

This is evident from the sharp rise in the number of restaurants using online ordering worldwide in the face of Covid-19. But whilst the past year has contributed to its growth, mobile ordering is not a new tool insists Patience:

“Some of the world’s most competitive hospitality venues have been offering mobile ordering for a few years now. Digital ordering and payment will have been on the agenda for many operators as part of their strategy for the future. Yes, it serves the current needs of the pandemic, but its ultimate value will come to fruition as a long-term investment.”

The complete mobile ordering solution

wi-Q is a technology partner to hospitality businesses, offering the benefits of continuous software development, a fixed, low cost monthly SaaS fee and a no transaction charge guarantee. We are uniquely partnered with leading EPOS, PMS and payment providers, enabling capability to seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructures. Our comprehensive onboarding programme offers deployment, training and marketing support, as well as ongoing account management.

Our customers typically see order uplift values of between 30-70%, boosted by customer engagement, real-time offers and strong marketing strategies.

For more information on wi-Q’s mobile ordering and payment solution, contact our friendly team for a no obligation chat and demo.

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