Mobile ordering in 2017: our first white paper

Dig deeper into the causes of demand-supply lag; exploring what consumers and hospitality providers want from mobile ordering technology.

You may have seen that wi-Q Technologies and The Caterer recently published the results of a mobile ordering survey. Whilst most of the mobile ordering research focused on consumers, we had an opportunity with this survey to focus on the hospitality providers. Hence this survey, explores how many hospitality providers offer mobile ordering, how many have it on the roadmap, and if neither, why?

Interestingly the headline statistic published by The Caterer was that 80% of hospitality businesses surveyed do not offer mobile ordering. However, wi-Q Technologies’ co-founder Graham Cornhill commented

“I would see the headline figure as 20% do offer mobile ordering which, at this stage of our product evolution, is very encouraging”.

wi-Q Technologies, the award winning developers behind wi-Q, have since published their own white paper, drawing on the survey results and pairing it with other, industry leading research.

The white paper digs deeper into the causes of this demand-supply lag; exploring what consumers and hospitality providers want from the technology, the shortfalls of the industry’s current ‘go-to’ solution, as well as the emerging industry transition to cloud technology, and how it will help forward-looking hospitality providers engage with Millennials and Generation Z whilst improving the experience for all consumers and boosting revenue.

Do you want to get ahead in hospitality?

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