Should Restaurants Keep Tips?

The subject of tipping is on everybody’s lips in the hospitality industry at the moment, with many restaurants under the spotlight for not sharing tips with their staff, and Members of the Commons Business Select Committee pushing for a parliamentary inquiry into the practice.

In August 2015 the problem was highlighted by the Evening Standard when it revealed that the Brasserie chain Côte keeps the 12.5 per cent service charge it adds to every bill. To make matters worse, the company allegedly instructs staff to tell customers who ask, that the service charge is shared between workers. Côte has defended its actions to the Standard by saying it allows restaurant staff to be paid an hourly rate above the national minimum wage.

But if your waiting staff have delivered exceptional service, and you have tipped them generously, shouldn’t they be able to keep that money for themselves? Or is it fairer to put all tips together and share them out amongst all the staff, including those in the kitchen? This dilemma can be argued either way, but ultimately, the majority of customers do not want their tips to line the pockets of a restaurant chain. Some people believe that paying cash makes it more likely the staff will keep the money, but many restaurants pay the full amount added to a card payment direct to their staff regardless, so it really is down to management morality.

Whilst wi-Q has no influence on what happens to tips once paid, it does make it easy for customers to add a discretionary amount to their payments when using the integrated HTML software solution, and if your customer experience has been enhanced by not having to queue it is probable that you will tip more favourably!

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