World-class Solution Brings an End to Queuing in Top Essex Restaurant

The Lion Inn Restaurant, Boreham, has introduced wi-Q, a world-leading from-the-table customer ordering system designed to put an end to queueing.

As one of the south-East’s most popular eateries, The Lion Inn Restaurant, Hotel and Bar at Boreham has recently undergone a major refurbishment and is exceptionally busy, catering for between 500 and 1000 restaurant customers every day. That can mean long queues, so the innovative Essex restaurant has introduced wi-Q, a world-leading from-the-table customer ordering system designed to put an end to queueing, by offering customers the choice of how they want to be served.

As part of its plan to enhance the customer experience, the venue has joined major UK brands including Gordon’s Wine and PWC and introduced wi-Q to the menu; a from-the-table online ordering system that aims to ease the great British tradition of queuing. Jon Gowing, part of the management team at The Lion Inn, explains: “As well as investing in the aesthetics of The Lion Inn, we are continually asking ‘what can we do better’? We are incredibly busy, seven days a week and often customers can experience queuing at the order point having already patiently waited over an hour for a table. Having wi-Q enables every customer to browse the menu and complete their order at the touch of a button from any mobile device without having to leave their table. The customer can choose from the complete menu, including daily specials and sides, and include additional information such as allergies and food preferences.”

“When we were considering our options for a digital solution to improve the customer experience, we decided we didn’t want the user restrictions of an app. wi-Q can be accessed instantly via any Wi-Fi enabled device using our free Wi-Fi. It’s a really simple solution that has wide-ranging benefits, from its ease of use, to allergy-specific ordering and of course ending the need to queue at the ordering point. We are getting brilliant feedback from users, so if the customers are happy then we are delighted.”

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