Track, Trace and Serve Up Experiences with wi-Q

Whilst the track and trace program has been in place for some time now, pubs, bars, and restaurants are now required by law to register customers’ contact details so they can be advised of any potential exposure to Covid19 during their visit to the venue and can make appropriate arrangements for quarantine and testing.

Collecting this information can and has quickly become a time-consuming operation. The simple customer completed clipboard and pen approach can fall foul of ICO regulations, which state that businesses are not exempt from data protection rules, as well as hygiene standards. If a member of staff collects the information, it may still be possible for customers to view other customers’ data.

Hospitality businesses are now responsible for:

  • Capturing full name, email address or phone number, and the date and time of visit for all customers
  • Safely managing, storing and deleting customer data
  • Informing customers of how you plan to manage their data
  • Capturing information in a safe way where it can’t be mishandled
  • Deleting data securely after 4 weeks (throwing paper with customer details into the rubbish bin is not secure).

Many venues are having to position a staff member (once server or bartender), front of house to take customer details, raising the question – how much is this costing your hospitality venue?

Fortunately, there is a far more efficient way of managing this new operation, doing your bit to limit the spread of COVID-19 and remaining compliant to the new legislation.

Wi-Q’s cloud-based mobile ordering platform is not only a solution to fulfil F&B orders, but the intuitive technology can also safely collect and store customer details; helping your hospitality venue to manage track and trace without compromising on service or occupying valuable staff hours.

How does it work? 

Instead of asking for details and presenting a (arguably germ-friendly) menu, upon arrival with wi-Q guests can simply scan a QR code, enter their contact details (name and number for track and trace) and have access to a fully branded digital menu. From here, guests can then add food and drink items to their virtual basket, pay their bill via their preferred payment provider and wait for items to be delivered to their table. Simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Wi-Q makes ordering and paying hassle-free for customers and your staff, with options to select allergy specific menus, daily specials, multiple payment options and bill-splitting. It can also be a useful tool to display nutritional information on your menu.

Are you interested in a solution to fulfil track and trace and mobile ordering operations? Contact us today for a free demo –

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