New integration with leading QSR software PixelPoint

wi-Q are pleased to announce a new integration with PixelPoint, point-of-sale software by PAR.

New integration with leading QSR software, PixelPoint by PAR

wi-Q are pleased to announce a new integration with PixelPoint, point-of-sale software by PAR.

PAR is a leading global provider of cloud-based point of sale and service solutions to restaurant chains and food retailers. Building on over 40 years of experience, PAR is recognised as the largest supplier of POS systems to the global QSR market.

With mobile ordering and payments on the rise in the QSR industry, restaurants using PixelPoint can now deploy an integrated, app-free mobile ordering experience for their customers through wi-Q’s cloud-based platform.

wi-Q uses cloud-based technology to create a mobile ordering app experience through the Internet browser on the customer’s mobile device. By removing the need to download and register for another mobile app, wi-Q allows all customers, existing or new, to order and pay instantly on their own mobile device. The platform supports table service, collection and delivery, allowing QSRs to serve multiple fulfilment methods through one brand-customisable front end.


Extending the eco-system

Both wi-Q and PixelPoint offer an extensive ecosystem of integrated partners, collectively ranging from admin and back-of-house services to customer-facing capabilities, such as loyalty programs and mobile payment providers. Not only does this allow restaurants to remain flexible and versatile today, but it prepares them for the future within an industry which is increasingly technology-lead.

A testament to the importance of technology in the QSR industry is McDonald’s $300 million acquisition of AI-powered, personalisation platform, Dynamic Yield. By integrating Dynamic Yield’s technology into its drive-thru displays, McDonald’s aim to personalise the digital customer experience using a wide variety of data, which will, alongside AI, improve over time.

“McDonald’s also plans to integrate this technology into other digital products, like self-serve kiosks and the McDonald’s mobile app.” – TechCrunch

For QSR brands using PAR’s PixelPoint POS, the wi-Q platform opens up a suite of mobile ordering and payment capabilities and already has a proven track record in increasing F&B revenues. With multiple global brands signed up to wi-Q’s SaaS model, the low-cost platform will not only democratise mobile ordering and payment technology but also the ability for all venues to offer data-driven, mass personalisation. This is the holy grail for any hospitality business and is what McDonald’s recent acquisition will allow them to provide to millions of customers around the world.

If you are interested in learning more about wi-Q, please visit or email, for an online demo.

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