5 Ways To Boost Your Hotel’s Pool & Beach Revenue

Unlock new revenue streams in your hotel this summer with our Top 5 ways to increase F&B profits at your pool and beach...

Are you looking for new ways to maximise your hotel’s revenue? In today’s challenging hospitality landscape, marked by rising costs and staff shortages, profitability is at the forefront of every hotelier’s mind.

As the peak summer season approaches and guests flock to your hotel’s pool and beach areas, it’s the perfect time to capitalise on the untapped revenue potential of your food and beverage services by your pool and beach.

So, let’s dive into our Top 5 Revenue-Boosting Tips and make a big splash with your hotel’s pool and beach profits this summer!


1. Mobile Ordering: Ride the online ordering wave

Don’t keep your pool and beach guests waiting! Introduce a quicker and more convenient way of ordering food and drink in your hotel.

mobile ordering by hotel pool and beach

Technology can be a game changer for boosting revenue in today's fast-paced hospitality environment. In just a few taps, guests can order and securely pay for their food and drinks online – all without having to download an app, abandon their sun lounger, or wait to be served.

With no need for physical menus or manual order-taking, your food and beverage team can turn around a higher number of orders and serve more guests. This not only reduces workforce costs at a time when staff shortages are on the rise in hospitality, but it also helps to improve guest satisfaction rates by meeting the demands of today’s tech-savvy guests. No more soggy menus by the pool or beach either!

Surprisingly, despite 90% of hospitality businesses offering mobile ordering or considering it, only 70% utilise their mobile ordering to drive on-site revenue, according to a Hospitality Tech Survey – showing that many hotels are missing out on a significant opportunity for profit growth. Keep reading to discover how you can leverage mobile ordering to increase your hotel's revenue.


2. Eye-Catching Offers: Promote sizzling hot summer promos

Capture attention and tempt your pool and beach guests with irresistible summer promotions and meal deals that they won’t be able to resist.

2-4-1 cocktails happy hour by the hotel pool

One survey found that two-thirds of customers made a purchase solely based on seeing a discount - highlighting the power an offer can have on influencing sales in your hotel.

With our mobile ordering solution at wi-Q, you can choose from a variety of digital promotion types to match your business needs. Whether it's buy-one-get-one-free, meal deals, percentage discounts, or coupons, you have the freedom to choose the offer that suits your seasonal preferences. You can also customise the promotion to be time-sensitive, price-sensitive, or quantity-sensitive – giving you the flexibility to cater your offers effectively.

How to create an inviting pool and beach offer:

  • PAIR UP & SIP: Embrace the ambience of summer and encourage guests to stay longer by the pool with a 2-4-1 cocktail happy hour.

  • SUNDOWN SPECIAL: Entice guests to join your sunset beach BBQ events with an exclusive early sign-up discount.

  • SPLASH & SNACK: Encourage guests to spend more online by offering a complimentary poolside snack when they spend above a certain amount.

By implementing the right pricing strategies, you will keep guests coming back for more!


3. Striking Photos: Capture sunshine on a plate

To really showcase your hotel’s alfresco food and drink offerings, capture the true essence of summer by using great photography.

professional food photography on the beach

People eat with their eyes first... So having the right food and drink photos on your menu can have a significant impact on your sales.

According to Smooth Tech, adding high-quality photos to your online ordering platform can boost your basket size by up to 30% compared to orders placed in person - highlighting the power enticing imagery can have for your business.

So to improve your conversion rate, add high-quality images of your dishes to your digital menu. For optimal results, we recommend using the expertise of a professional photographer to ensure your offerings are presented in the best possible way. Take advantage of the natural lighting outside for your summer dishes and shoot visually-appealing images around your pool or beach area - setting the idyllic scene for your guests.

And don’t forget…presentation matters! So, garnish your dishes with vibrant colours and tiki-inspired props to create the ultimate wow factor.


4. Limited-Edition Dishes: Embrace those sun-kissed specials

Spark curiosity with signature summer dishes and limited-edition drinks that give your hotel’s outdoor menus a refreshing twist.

pineapple bowl limited-edition dish

According to a study, customers are willing to pay a premium for a limited-edition item, as it provides them with a sense of status and uniqueness.

The exclusivity of a limited-edition dish can add value to your guest's dining experience and create a buzz around your pool or beach. In fact, the more extraordinary the dish, the more likely it is to generate an influx of bookings for your hotel.

From salads bursting with exotic flavours to zesty grilled options that leave guests savouring every bite, think beyond traditional and explore creative combinations. To spark interest, don’t forget to use appealing item names and descriptions that inject a bit of adventure into their holiday.

Due to its uniqueness, guests are also more likely to post pictures of limited-edition items on social media. According to nosto, 79% of people say user-generated content highly impacts their purchasing decisions because they believe it is more authentic. So, if guests are talking about your brand online or with friends and family, it will help to attract new visitors and further build your hotel’s reputation. Let your guests do the marketing for you!


5. Digital Upsells: Create the perfect palate paradise

Create those perfect palate pairings that tempt your guests to indulge in more whilst they are relaxing by the pool or beach.

food and drink upsell basket by hotel pool

Upselling doesn’t need to have negative connotations. In fact, it can be a win-win for both you and your guests if it is implemented correctly.

Save your staff valuable time by employing a mobile ordering solution to automate the upselling process for you. Digital upsells have proven to increase average order values by up to 30% online for many hospitality businesses. By prompting guests with additional food or drink online that complements what they already have in their basket, it enhances the guest's dining experience and increases your hotel’s revenue.

Picture this: you’re catching rays by the pool and decide to add a refreshing cocktail to your order basket… But what about those tempting fruit skewers, inviting tropical sorbets, or irresistible cheese platters to whet the appetite as well?

By recommending the right items to the right customers at the right time, you deliver a more satisfying ordering experience for your guests that ultimately, boost your bottom line.

Use your most enticing dish combinations to create a thoughtful and relevant upselling experience for your guests...that works!


Ready to take on these digital summer strategies and boost revenue at your hotel’s pool and beach?

By adding irresistible summer offers, beautiful menu images, exciting limited-edition dishes and clever upsell techniques to your digital menu by the pool and beach, you are sure to see your hotel’s summer revenue soar in no time – making your hotel the go-to destination for a taste of paradise!

If you would like to learn more about our mobile ordering platform and revenue-boosting solutions, you can request a wi-Q demo.




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