Joanna Lumley is the Voice of wi-Q

Famous for her acting roles, modelling, documentaries, Joanna has one of the most instantly recognisable voices in the UK.

The excitement in the wi-Q office was tangible when we received the news that the distinctive, velvet tones of the lovely Joanna Lumley would be the voice of wi-Q in our new promotional video.

Famous for her acting roles, modelling, documentaries and her battles for causes close to her heart, Joanna has one of the best-loved and instantly recognisable voices in the UK.

We wanted the video voice-over to capture the essence of wi-Q, and we feel that Joanna conveyed the calm, stress-free satisfaction that making your order, your way, with wi-Q is all about. Having such a high profile ‘Voice of wi-Q’ will benefit our marketing significantly, and whilst we are confident that our product is more than capable of selling itself, nudging people to stop and take notice of our message will give us a higher profile.

Joanna’s natural, soft timbre (that we are delighted to have made synonymous with wi-Q) is a contrast to that used for her role as the magazine editor, Patsy Stone, in the acclaimed TV comedy series Absolutely Fabulous; Joanna stars alongside Jennifer Saunders as the posh, champagne swilling, best friend of Jennifer’s PR Agent Edina Monsoon. Patsy is rarely seen without a cigarette between her lips and is always goading Edina to join her on her quests for a ‘good time’. With filming for the big screen version of the series just completed, who knows, we may hear Patsy utter the memorable words, “Eddy, darling, I’ve just used this amazing wi-Q to order another case of Bolly. It’ll be here in a jiffy, so stop chatting up the B-Listers at the bar and come back to the table!”

Watch the video here

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