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The Caterer has published its 2017 survey on mobile ordering technology in hospitality in association with wi-Q and the results make fascinating reading.

Top five takeaways from our latest mobile ordering research with The Caterer

The Caterer, in partnership with wi-Q Technologies, has released the findings from its latest mobile ordering research. The article and findings, published in the latest issue of The Caterer (09/06/17), are the result of a questionnaire pushed out to hospitality businesses earlier in the year. The resulting insights give a glimpse of the industry’s current attitude towards mobile ordering and perhaps more importantly, what we can expect to unfold within the industry over the next five years.

The demand from consumers for mobile ordering is clearly present. They want to skip queues, order on their way to the venue and avoid waiting for the bill when they are ready to leave.  What is also clear however, is that expensive and restrictive solutions for mobile ordering e.g. mobile apps, have deterred hospitality businesses from investing, despite mostly agreeing that it would improve the customer experience.

In the coming weeks we will publish a more detailed report on the findings, looking into these relationships a lot deeper but for now, here are our top five takeaways:

  • 80% of hospitality businesses surveyed do not offer mobile ordering
  • wi-Q Technologies co-founder Graham Cornhill, looked at the above statistic from a different perspective, saying:

“I would see the headline figure as 20% do offer mobile ordering which, at this stage of our product evolution, is very encouraging.”

  • Almost a third of operators that do offer mobile ordering solutions, said that up to 40% of their customers are using the technology. wi-Q believes this percentage will only increase as the hospitality industry serve more and more millennial and generation Z customers.
  • Atlantis, The Palm have adopted wi-Q’s mobile ordering technology for its pool and beach area, precisely because it wasn’t an app. Anthony Lynsdale, vice-president of IT at Atlantis, the Palm commented:

“I believe that apps have peaked and they are on their way out; customers just don’t want apps clogging up their devices…”

wi-Q’s cloud based application unlike a traditional mobile app, takes up no memory on the consumers’ device and is accessible in seconds. Unsure of what a cloud based application is?  

What would you like / expect your mobile ordering solution to do for your business? The top answer… “Improve customer experience.” It is important however to note that our technology will not replace human interaction, but enhance its delivery. Check out the full list of wi-Q’s features here.

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