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We have kick-started our 2016 marketing campaign with our new website and a video to demonstrate our product across the hospitality industry.

We have kick-started our 2016 marketing campaign with our new website and a video to demonstrate the capabilities of our product across the hospitality industry.

The video was shot in a variety of locations including Stansted Airport and Liverpool Street Station and gives the viewer a snapshot of the potential Wi-Q provides for venues and customers to enhance the customer experience and bring an end to waiting for service. We are really pleased with the finished film and are confident it will bring the name Wi-Q to the forefront of the hospitality industry’s innovative technology marketplace. If you haven’t seen our main video already then watch it here or visit our media page to view them all – we’ve had great fun making them! You may also recognise a very famous actress as the voice of Wi-Q on one of them!

Wi-Q founder and CEO Graham Cornhill says, “From the venues across the globe that are already using Wi-Q, we have received extremely positive feedback. The implementation process, integration with existing EPOS and Apps, cost efficiency, through to customer and staff comments, have all demonstrated we’ve got it right. When you add that to average beverage sales uplifts of 15%, the increased revenue confirms Wi-Q as an investment that will yield revenue from day one.”

Our new website supports our message that we have developed a revolutionary cloud-based service that puts customers at the heart of the sales process. As our name suggests, we wholeheartedly believe that queuing is an unnecessary activity across a broad range of industry sectors. The features and benefits of Wi-Q are displayed on the website and we hope that we have answered the majority of frequently asked questions, but if you have a query that we have not covered or you would like to arrange a Wi-Q demo please contact us

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