Ten myths about cloud technology

Cloud technology has become an important part of everyday life, but many people are still unsure of exactly how it works. Check out these 10 myths.

Cloud technology has become an important part of everyday life, but many people are still unsure of exactly how it works.  So, we have looked at ten myths and common misconceptions about cloud technology.

Myth 1: The cloud lacks security

Cloud technology has become so important to everything that we do, meaning security is paramount and only getting more robust over time. We ensure that our software and security protocols are unsurpassed to protect all customer data that is collected through Wi-Q.

Myth 2: Cloud technology is expensive

The beauty of cloud technology is that there are no set-up or sunk costs as no capital expenditure is required to purchase or install anything. In fact, the fee for Wi-Q works out at around one cup of coffee per day.

Myth 3: The cloud only comes in one size

Wi-Q is designed to grow with your business, meaning we only charge a small percentage of purchase and that costs will only increase if profits and revenue are also growing.

Myth 4: You can get stuck in the cloud

We doubt that you will want to swap back! But you will not become stuck or reliant on our cloud technology. If you decide it is not right for your business and you wish to revert to your old system, then it is simple, as our technology integrates into existing systems.

Myth 5: Cloud technology is unreliable

As previously mentioned, the security protocol for our cloud technology is extremely stringent. We also make regular backups to ensure that important data is never lost and that data is always saved in a safe and secure location.

Myth 6: The cloud will give you less control

With Wi-Q you will always have full access and control. Whether it is new or integrated into your existing system, our solution means that you can constantly upgrade and change menus/services for your customers to see.

Myth 7: I won’t have time to maintain the cloud

Software updates, installation and maintenance are taken care of for you, giving you more time to focus on your business. In fact, the low maintenance level required is actually one of the main selling points of using a cloud system.

Myth 8: Cloud systems are too complex

Worried that management and stuff won’t have the required skillset to manage the Wi-Q systems? It is extremely user friendly, and our sales team will ensure that employees and management are fully prepared to completely manage the system.

Myth 9: The cloud won’t last

The truth is the exact opposite, physical systems are now increasingly moving to the cloud. By implementing cloud technology into a business, you are moving forward and staying ahead of the curve as a dynamic company.

Myth 10: Saving money is the only cloud benefit.

Cost saving is reason enough for most businesses to install cloud technology, but hopefully we have explained that there are many reasons why cloud technologies can benefit a business of any size.

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