7 reasons why your restaurant doesn’t need a mobile app

Here are 7 reasons why your restaurant doesn't need a custom mobile app.

The hospitality technology revolution is coming, and whilst some may argue the mobile app is having a second resurgence, the following statistics suggest otherwise. Here are 7 reasons why your restaurant doesn’t need a custom mobile app.

1. In 2016, there were 928,505 apps submitted to Apple’s App Store. In 2017, that number dropped to just 159,997, a whopping 82% decline, suggesting that the market is saturated.

2. For consumers, convenience is king. On average, it takes just over 3 minutes to download, install and sign up for another mobile app. The majority just want to order and pay, and you don’t need a mobile app to offer this service.

3. Even if a customer does download your mobile app, it is likely that they will soon delete it. According to Flurry Analytics, only 36% of apps are retained after one month. Web-based mobile ordering has a much more promising engagement rate.

4. Your restaurant’s mobile app will have to compete with millions of other games, lifestyle and entertainment apps for the same limited space on consumer devices. Nobody wants to compete against Netflix.

5. It is possible to offer ordering and payment capabilities via an instant-access, web-based app. In general, consumers are extremely familiar with web-based apps. Gmail, Office 365 and WordPress have millions of users worldwide.

6. Mobile apps can be expensive to develop and require customers to download an update when changes are made. Web-based apps, on the other hand, are pre-built and updates can be immediately rolled out to users worldwide. This can include support for additional languages, payment options and even integration support for common EPOS and PMS providers.

7. Web-based apps are instantly accessible on any device, not just smartphones. In addition, the user interface, just like a traditional mobile app, can be fully brand-customised.

If you are considering a mobile app for your restaurant and would also like to explore the possibility of offering a low-cost web-based application, you can request a demo of wi-Q’s award-winning web-based mobile ordering solution here.

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