Mobile ordering for golf clubs

What can golf clubs do to tackle their ageing customer base and boost revenue? wi-Q believes the answer is mobile ordering for golf clubs. Here is why...

Attracting younger golfers and boosting revenue with mobile ordering for golf clubs

Golf, which is believed to have originated in 15th century Scotland, is now one of the world’s most prominent recreational activities and is estimated by Forbes as a nearly, $70 billion industry. In recent years this popularity could be attributed to new golfers, with the number of first time golfers per year up by a million since 2011 and more general interest in golf doubling in that time.

While drinks and dining are not the primary revenue source of golf clubs, they do represent a substantial proportion of total revenue. For instance, research commissioned by England Golf states that food and beverage sales in the UK alone come to £565 million yearly – approximating to around £300k per club. With the food and beverage industry projected to continue growing by 4.9 percent until 2026, golf clubs should also experience growth within this area.

However, one potential hurdle for golf clubs in maximising this revenue source is the fixed nature of their customer base: only twenty percent of golf club members eat at their club more than one in every four meals out. Put simply, golf clubs have a ‘low capture rate of food expenditure’. Finding ways to vary the customer dining experience may be the key to attracting members custom more frequently and so further increasing food and drinks revenue. Another long-term challenge faced more broadly by the golf industry is its aging demographic; the age of the average golfer having risen from 48-63 between 2009 and 2014. Finding innovative ways to update and improve the experience customers have drinking and dining is just one thing that clubs can do to draw in younger golfers, while continuing to satisfy existing members.


What can Golf Clubs do to Maximise Food and Beverage Revenue?


One way in which clubs can modernise their food and drinks sales is through mobile ordering. This would allow golfers to access the menu – with ordering and payment capabilities – from anywhere within the club. However, the effort required in downloading an app can often be off-putting.  An instant access alternative is wi-Q, an innovative, world-leading cloud-based mobile ordering solution, that customers can connect to directly from their device using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. Removing the wait for service, wi-Q allows customers to order for collection or delivery, meaning that golfers could not only order food to be waiting for them directly after they finish their game but even enjoy a drink or a quick bite to eat on the course.

A testament to the benefits of mobile ordering is the success of the Wetherspoons app. Since the pub franchise introduced its Order & Pay app in early 2017, shares reached an all-time high this year of 1,325.00 (12/03/18), up from 929.50 (on 22/03/17). In January alone Wetherspoons net monthly revenue grew by 3.6% to £830.4m. However, app development comes with a high price tag and engagement is far from guaranteed. Many believe the app marketplace is nearing saturation, and the expectation that consumers will keep an app on their device for each and every venue they visit, we believe is hindering engagement and revenue. Read our, how to beat the Wetherspoons app piece here.

Additionally, wi-Q is quick and accessible. While the user of a traditional app has to spend over a minute finding and downloading it, wi-Q’s mobile ordering menu can be accessed within ten seconds and without the requirement for downloads, updates or storage. The relative simplicity of wi-Q’s ordering system, which automatically connects customers to a menu via their browser, is likely to appeal to a broader range of people. wi-Q still offers all the advantages of a native app in terms of design, while even offering advanced product filters to further tailor customer experience regarding preferences and dietary requirements. Able to support over twenty-six languages, wi-Q’s intelligent platform will translate the menu into the default language of a customers device – a welcoming feature for international customers that increases revenue from this market.


In short, the benefits that wi-Q can offer the golf industry:

  • Instant access to web-based ordering. No app and new user registration required.
  • Payments via Cash, Credit / Debit Card, PayPal and many more.
  • Reduces the inconvenience of wait times and queuing
  • Remote ordering, meaning that golfers can enjoy cold drinks, delivered to them at the start of the 6th
  • wi-Q could even be used to rent and/or purchase spare kit as and when it is needed. For example, a pack of six golf balls at the 8th hole.
  • Golfers can even come straight off the course to dinner or drinks.

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