4 ways to make a hotel stay better

4 top tips from the industry and an introduction to wi-Q - a fully brand customisable solution for your own hotel room service app.

Whether your guests are away for a work conference, a family break or a romantic getaway, you want their stay in your hotel to be relaxing and pleasant. But what could you do to make their stay even better? Whilst some of the following gripes may seem trivial, they can make or break a TripAdvisor review.

1. Make sure the room is equipped with everything a guest needs before check-in time. If they’ve had a long journey or come straight from a conference they don’t want to have to turn the room upside down looking for the absent, promised hairdryer; nor does a guest want to wait an hour for towels to be delivered so they can have a much needed relax in the tub.

2. Put more than four minuscule milk containers in the room. Unless your guests are delegates at the Annual Builders Conference, there is every chance that they will want at least three in every cuppa that they make!

3. Consider having an easy to use WiFi integrated ordering and payment system to enable guests to order and pay for room service, spa treatments, etc. from the comfort of their room. They are much more likely to book a facial or order a bottle of wine using their laptop or phone than if they have to call reception or visit the spa in person.

4. If check-out time is strictly adhered to, or you are expecting an early morning rush to settle up, why not give your guests the opportunity to check out and pay their bills from the comfort of their room? It will save unsightly queues at reception, enable staff to concentrate on other tasks and keep customers happy.

Whilst wi-Q doesn’t claim to be able to help with the towels or milk issues, it can make all the difference to the customer experience by enabling them to order and pay via any WiFi enabled device. Accessed via an establishment’s Wi-Fi, rather than being a device-restrictive app, the customer can select from the easy to update menu, order, make further purchases, request a bill or pay for their order, all from the comfort of their room, using their chosen device and without having to queue.

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