wi-Q Helps Restaurants and Pubs to Display Calorie Content of Food

The Local Government Association (LGA) which represents more than 370 UK councils is urging the hospitality industry to join them in the battle against obesity. They are asking restaurants, cinemas and pubs to follow the US lead and display the calorific value of food either on the menu or at the counter. The reasoning behind this request is that by providing nutritional information, restaurateurs are empowering consumers to make informed choices and hopefully opting for the healthier items on the menu.

Wi-Q, the world-leading integrated HTML software solution that is set to revolutionise the hospitality industry by placing the menu and ordering capability in the customers’ hands, already has the capacity to display the nutritional details of menu items. This isn’t restricted to the calorie count; it can include allergy information; whether it conforms to a gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or other special diet, or any other information specified by the establishment. The menu is easy to update and is accessed by the customer via an establishment’s Wi-Fi on any Wi-Fi enabled device.

If you are looking for a solution that says goodbye to queuing, gives your customers nutritional information, frees up your waiting staff to deliver the best service, and enhances the customer experience, then wi-Q delivers all that and more.

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