wi‐Q partners with Aircharge

wi-Q are delighted to announce our partnership with British technology company, Aircharge, boosting digital guest engagement through wireless charging.

wi-Q are delighted to announce our partnership with fellow British technology company, Aircharge, aimed at boosting digital guest engagement through wireless charging.

Together, we are exploring using wireless chargers in hospitality venues – and hotels in particular – as access points or triggers for seamless access to device‐based ordering.

The dual solution will allow hospitality venues to create an additional revenue stream from on‐table wireless charging as part of their digital guest engagement. With a rapidly increasing number of devices now supporting Qi wireless charging, consumers are driving demand for this hyper‐convenient charging facility in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. The partnership between wi-Q and Aircharge will enable venues to boost revenue, by simultaneously connecting customers to mobile ordering menus through QR codes and NFC tags, which can be built into and around wireless chargers.

Menus for food, beverages and services will load instantly, allowing customers to browse and order in their own language, filter by allergen and dietary requirements, and pay via debit/credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or via integration with leading hospitality systems, charge the bill to their hotel room. Our client statistic reports show us that, due to its convenience, ease of use, and extensive upselling capabilities, our app‐free solution is delivering average order uplifts of up to 60% and is boosting order numbers by up to 35%.

Graham Cornhill, Co‐Founder and Managing Director of wi‐Q Technologies, commented,

“There is undoubted synergy between Aircharge and wi‐Q in meeting consumer demand for next‐generation technology at their fingertips. The partnership allows both companies to add tangible value to hospitality venues and deliver instant ROI with a seamless technology solution.”

Steve Liquorish, CEO and Founder of Aircharge, said,

“Hospitality operators are constantly looking for innovations to drive growth opportunities and the partnership with wi-Q strengthens our position as the leading supplier of smart wireless charging solutions for public venues.”

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