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wi-Q to bring AI-powered predictions to F&B

wi-Q Technologies, the leading experts in mobile ordering in the hospitality sector, has announced a new partnership with Cambridge-based Fetch.AI.


Mobile ordering for golf clubs

What can golf clubs do to tackle their ageing customer base and boost revenue? wi-Q believes the answer is mobile ordering for golf clubs. Here is...


Dog-Friendly Dining Experiences by Pet-Fi

Reporting on the best dog-friendly venues worldwide, Pet-Fi has been developed by animal-loving experts, to offer its community exceptional...


How to beat the Wetherspoons app

Are you looking into developing your own mobile ordering solution like the Wetherspoons app? Here's how you can go one better with an app-free...


What is web-based mobile ordering?

Web-based mobile ordering allows your customers to browse, order and pay for your products or services, without having to download a dedicated mobile...

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